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Mixers & Shearers

Mixers & Shearers

We offer various options on mixers to stir, mix and blend products, this will vary from:

  • Stainless Steel Liquid Mixing Simulations
  • Stainless Steel Mixer
  • Stainless Steel High Speed Blenders
  • Stainless Steel Emulsifying Mixers
  • Stainless Steel Mixers
  • Homogenizers
  • Axial-Flow type fluid mixers
  • Axial-Flow type fluid mixers with stabilizing rings
  • High speed blenders to emulsify certain products
  • High speed shearers to shear and dissolve particles within the liquid medium at high pressures and volume
  • Calculate the required turn over of the product within a certain time frame
  • All blade contours and angles are designed to cut through the product and thus optimise the flow rates of the product being processed
  • Calculate the required size of the impeller to suit the Vessel and process application
  • All of the above is designed to keep solids in suspension as efficiently as possible, as well as minimise dead spots, quiet zones and avoid vortexes and aeration where not required.

Mixing Blades
Wall Mounted Mixer
Portable Mixer

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