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Mission & Vision

Our Vision

  • To have a broad base of products and not limit our vision
  • To be the leading choice for customers when it comes to manufacturing Stainless Steel Equipment for the Processing industries in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Dairy, and Food Sector.
  • To consult, design and manufacture stainless steel equipment to our client™s specification.
  • To maintain a very strong policy to deliver professional services and products.
  • To maintain excellence in the quality of our workmanship
  • To become an integrated part of our customers value chain, understanding their needs and ensuring our range of products and profile offered, is of the highest service to them.

Mission Statement

  • To maintain a competitive and high level of workmanship to be rivaled by others in the market place
  • To offer our clients the best possible product at competitive prices, best advice, professional service and quality workmanship at all times as well as prompt service, after sales service and backup.
  • To keep customers informed and up-to-date with current processing technology in the market
  • To constantly improve the level of knowledge amongst our team
  • The REIMPRO team also ensures that in all cases, correct equipment for the project is supplied, a high standard of quality is maintained in both the workshop and at site as well as the level of knowledge and current technology in the market is maintained amongst their staff.
  • Loyalty to our clients
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