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REIMPRO Consults, Designs, Manufactures and Installs stainless steel processing equipment for the following industries

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical & Petro Chemical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Dairy
  • Confectionery
  • Cosmetics

All Stainless Steel equipment is manufactured on the premises of REIMPRO, based in Wadeville Extension 2, Germiston. 

Reimpro - Stainless Steel Engineering, Manufacturing & Design | Dedicated Craftsmanship and Expertise in Stainless Steel Process Engineering

We are Manufacturers and Fabricators of Equipment for the Processing Industries and are the Manufacturing agents for the Exeter Coal Retort - Charcoal Retort which is manufactured under license for Carbon Compost UK.

Reimec launched in November 1996 and in moving with the times,changed our branding and name to Reimpro Stainless Steel in 2010. We have just celebrated 21 years in the fabrication industry.

We manufacture equipment such as Batch Pasteurizers, Mixing Tanks, Conveyors, Pressure Vessels, Storage Vessels, Piepwork, Platforms, Flanged Pipework, Air Ducting, Catwalks, Chillers, Ribbon Blenders, Vibrating Sieves, Screw Conveyors, Cyclones, Clean Room Compliant Turntables for the pharmaceutical industry, Cheese Vats, Mixers, Juice Pulpers, Tubular pasteurizers, Hygienic Lanterns, Jacketed Vessels, Dimple Jacketed Vessles, Vacuum Vessels, Reactors, Turnkey Processing Plants for the food and beverage industries. Heat Exchangers and much more.

Our process equipment is custom built to suit your needs.

Recent projects undertaken

  • Pharmaceutical Industry - Automated Liquids Room; Dry Mixing Room; Dust Extraction & Filtration
  • Petro-Chemical Industry - Reactor & Screw Conveyor; 66,000 Litre Storage Vessel (316 Stainless Steel)
  • Chemical Industry - Chemical processing plant; 2,500 Litre Ribbon Blender with Hoist & Framework
  • Brewery Industry - Hygienic Lanterns; Fermentation Vessels; Bin Lift;
  • Aeronautical Industry - Storage Vessels, Mixing Vessels, Screw Conveyors, Controlled Dosing Unit and filling system
  • Dairy Industry - Cheese Processing Plant; Cheese and Yoghurt Processing plant;
  • Food & Beverage Industry - Water Bottling Plant; Vegetable Processing Plant
  • Exeter Coal Retort/Kiln
  • Charcoal Retort
  • Charcoal Kiln

Reimpro have completed projects in Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Lesotho and Angola in the past five years.



Our tanks are built with different support structures including fabricated box legs, pipe or tubular support legs, side mounted support brackets and ribbed support structures. Click here for more information.



All ribbon blenders that are manufactured by Reimpro are in accordance to the clients requirements and specification, where various information is taken into consideration, such as the SG, Viscosity & type of product... Click here for more information.



MCC Compliant equipment manufactured for the pharmaceutical industry

Click here for more info.



Various options available to suit clients requirements.

Click here for more insight into our equipment for breweries.



About Us


As a small business we started out in November of 1996 trading as Reimec, in January 2001 we moved to Wadeville, Germiston and grew considerably from strength to strength.

In June of 2010, in keeping with the times, we changed our branding and name from Reimec to Reimpro.

We have an enthusiastic and experienced team that operates on a broad spectrum of equipment and projects for the processing industries, concentrating on the design, manufacture and installation of various stainless steel equipment with our Director/Owner having years of experience in this industry. We also offer a range of our own branded products such as a bulls eye sight glass with LED light, juice pulping machine etc.

Our welders are Certified and Coded to ASMEV111, Div1 and we work strictly according to our welding procedure.

Stainless Steel Processing Projects and Equipment

Stainless Steel Processing Projects and Equipment within South Africa as well as outside South Africa€™s borders are readily taken on by REIMPRO a few to be mentioned are:

South Africa:

  • Food Industry: Dry Mixing Room (Full Turnkey Project)
  • Beverage Industry: Water & Juice Processing Plants (Full Turnkey Projects in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng)
  • Dairy Industry: Cheese Processing (Full Turnkey Project)
  • Confectionery Industry: Chocolate, Liquorice & Boiled Sweets Process Rooms
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Liquids Room (Full Turnkey Project - Automated)
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Dry Mixing Room (Full Turnkey Project)
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Dust Extraction & Dust Filtration
  • Petro Chemical Industry: Processing Equipment €“ Reactor, Screw Conveyor
  • Petro Chemical Industry: 66,000 ℓ Storage Vessel and Mild Steel Pressure Vessels

Outside South Africa:

Fruit & Vegetable Industry - Mozambique:

Full Turnkey Project
Water filtration and storage, packing, washing, drying, pulping, drains, waste water treatment, HACCP building

Dairy Industry - Malawi:

2 Fruit Juice and Yoghurt Processing Plants (Full Turnkey Project)
Ghee Pasteurizer with Dearator, Milk and Cheese Processing Equipment

Dairy Industry - Zimbabwe:

Processing Plant for Milk, Fruit Juice and Yoghurt (Full Turnkey Project)

Pharmaceutical Industry - Zimbabwe:

Processing Plant (Full Turnkey Project)

Beverage & Pharmaceutical Industry - Lesotho:

Fitz -mill
Water Bottling Plant

Chemical Industry - Angola:

Chemical Mixing Plant

Beverage Industry - Nigeria:

Water Bottling Plant

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